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Marion Gillie biography

Marion is a highly experienced business psychologist and has been working as a consultant and coach since 1983. She is also an experienced developer of coaches and coach supervisor. She has great in-depth understanding of the complexities of human behaviour in the business setting.

photo of Marion Gillie, accredited Executive Coach

Coaching teams

Most critical strategic decisions require top and senior teams to both maximise their diversity in order to bring a wide range of perspectives to key issues and be able to manage their differences constructively. Marion is highly skilled in dealing with the complex dynamics of effective team working and is often called upon to help teams in transition or who are struggling to become more effective.

Coaching individuals

Marion works with leaders who are genuinely committed to their own development and who are prepared to make the most of their coaching. Her work includes helping leaders: develop a clear sense of purpose and direction for themselves and their organisations; understand the system in which they operate, understand what the real blocks to change are and develop strategies for dealing with those blocks; develop the capability to involve, inspire and motivate those they hope will follow them; recognise and capitalise on their talents, develop a strong vision for themselves going forward and identify how they hold themselves back from being even more effective.

Supervision of coaches

Marion supervises both experienced coaches and those new to coaching. She supports them in developing themselves as coaches, which includes: paying attention to the ethics of coaching; how to handle complex boundary issues; deepening their self–awareness and strengthening their skills as a coach; handling challenging coaching situations, and understanding complex organisational and client dynamics.


She works in a wide range of organisations, and her current and recent clients include Morgan Stanley, BBC, HSBC, BP, The Arcadia Group, Pentland Brands, Boehringer Ingelheim, Johnson & Johnson, Oxfordshire County Council, Mills & Reeve, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Merrill Lynch, Nestles, Hess, DTZ, Unipart, Moore Capital Europe, and Oxford Brookes University.


Marion is a co–founder of The Gillie Partnership Ltd and the Incite Alliance – a network of consultancy businesses who like to work and learn together. Prior to this she was a Partner in Sheppard Moscow Ltd, specialists in Organisation Development and in the late 1980s, was with Price Waterhouse. She also has a great deal of experience in the public sector, once leading an internal consultancy team in the Cabinet Office.

Marion is very active in the coaching world. She was Director of the UK Advanced Diploma and Master Practitioner programmes at The Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) for many years, and for four years was a Director of the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS), with whom she was an Accredited Executive Coach and Supervisor. She is also an Accredited Coach Supervisor with the AoEC, and holds their Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching.

In addition she is visiting faculty at Oxford Brookes University and is a supervisor on their Certificate in the Psychology and Practice of Supervision Programme. She has a number of publications in the fields of coaching and Gestalt, and is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Gestalt Review.

Marion is a Chartered Occupational and Counselling Psychologist, has Masters degrees in Organisation Psychology and Gestalt Psychotherapy and a post-graduate Diploma in Advanced Process Consulting. This rare and powerful combination of skills enables her to work with business and organisation–level issues and at considerable depth with individuals and teams. When she is not working she spends time in South West rural Spain and is learning Spanish.


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